It’s been a year since my last post and many things happen in between. Moved job to eBay, did a talk about my startup twindly at Berlin Google DevFest 2014, and finished last position (for my age group) at Berlin half marathon 2015 😀

It’s quite hard to find time for your hobby when you have 2 jobs. I only played a few games last year but rarely have time to sketch.

Then last March, my wife joined #the100dayproject. The idea of the project is you can do whatever you want for 100 days and publish it on Instagram every day. I said to myself, why not? I could use this opportunity to do my daily sketch.

What should I sketch, monsters? crazy characters? or game design? I haven’t sketch for long time so it must be hard to come up with new idea everyday. I should start with something that I’m familiar with.

I check my Instagram and I have a lots of food pictures. Yes, I’m that guy who always take food picture before you eat it 🙂 Sketching food seems like a good idea!

So I decided to post my daily food sketches to my Instagram with hashtag #100daysoffoodsketch

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Getting Root User from Dockerized OrientDB

As me & my wife are bootstrapping our own start-up, there are many things we have to do by our own. One of them is devops, which I’m currently still have many things to learn. A friend of mine introduced me to Docker half a year ago and I find the idea is quite interesting. I decided to give it a try and tried to setup a Dockerized OrientDB on Google Compute Engine (GCE).

I setup a GCE instance using an instruction from Google Documentation on Container. Then I use OrientDB image from Joao P Dubas. I managed to run the container but I didn’t know how to get the OrientDB root password 😕

When you run OrientDB for the first time, it will generate a root user with long & random password in its config file. I need to access the config file inside the container but I didn’t know how.

I started to Google around and found a Stack Overflow post on how to run shell or do SSH into a running container. I found a very interesting post about NOT to do SSH into container but use Docker volume instead. I decided to try to use volume.

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It’s all started with BASIC

I got my first computer 24 years ago, when I was 10 years old. It was a Wearnes computer with Intel 80286 processor. I didn’t know or have any idea about programming but I know how to operate a computer. I got basic computer lesson from school on how to operate a computer (booting using a floppy disk, Ctrl-Alt-Del, and basic DOS commands) and write document using WordStar.

It was my friend who introduce me to BASIC. He typed a couple of lines on GWBASIC and displayed my name in different colors.

Print "Ilham Abiyasa Suhardi"

PRINT “Ilham Abiyasa Suhardi” (emulated using dosbox)

I was like “Wow, you can do that with a computer? That’s amazing!!!!”. And that’s exactly the moment I was introduced & fall in love with programming.

On that day, we explored some other commands like changing colors, blinking text, and making a beep sound. After that, I borrow his dad’s book BASIC language reference (Can’t remember the exact title) and made a copy so I could try it by myself at home. That’s when I start to learn computer programming and I’ve been loving it ever since.

So thank you my friend (where ever you are) and happy birthday BASIC!

Berlin Half Marathon

Wow, it’s almost April and I haven’t write anything since January 2014 😀

Quite busy with many things lately, from building our own startup with my wife, learning about cloud technology, to training for half marathon. Yes, half marathon and we’re going to race this Sunday.

To begin with, I’m not a good runner. I run regularly, like twice a month, but only for short distance in a slower pace. I love to see people running Berlin marathon but I always thought long distance running is too much for me.

Then, on November 2013, my wife registered us for the Berlin half marathon 😀 She’s not a runner, just like me, but she said, “it’s time to say yes to ourselves”.

It’s true what she said. Since January, we run 2 or 3 times a week. On weekend, we tried to run long distance. We started with 5KM and gradually increase the distance. Two weeks ago, we managed to run around 18KM on the weekend (and then I caught cold on the next week 😀 ).

Our aim is just to finish the race in 3 hours. It’s not so fast for some people (especially Germans 🙂 ) but for me, I want to enjoy the run and the scenery. That’s the only time where you can run around the city, on big streets without cars or bicycles, and have a lot of people cheering up for you.

Happy running!

Sketches & Recap from 2013

I thought I didn’t sketch that much last year. Then I realized that I managed to fill up my small Moleskine sketchbook which I’ve started to sketch on since 2010. It was 50% empty in the beginning of 2013 & filled up last November.

My idea of sketching is not to make (great) art but just because I love to do it. It’s kinda meditative & nice way to catch a moment or thing. So I decided to share few of them along with my 2013 recaps 😉

Game Jams

I started to do game jam. I joined #1GAM which is to make 1 game for every month. It didn’t work for me, only managed to submit 2 games. I made some demos on my GitHub and tutorials for my CreateJS presentation but they’re not considered as a full playable game 😉 At least I managed to do a 8-hour game jam last July at Berlin Mini Game Jam.

Vacation in Indonesia

On March, we had 3-weeks vacation at my home country. We went to Bangka Island. The beaches were so beautiful and the seafood were so great. I didn’t sketch that much, too busy enjoying life 🙂

Meetups. Lots of them

This year we attended lots of meetups/workshops, mostly about tech & startups. It’s really hot things in Berlin. Since mid of this year, we’re starting our startup (mostly my wife, I’m just helping her a little bit) so we need to do a lot of learning & networking. Continue reading