Chibi Contra Guy on Mikoto

As I promised before, this is the animated version of my 3D model 😉 (
Actually, it’s done on 30th of October but I was too busy to post it 🙁  

Chibi Contra Guy in Mikoto

So I used Mikoto to animated the Metasequoia model, and convert them into .X animation file using Mikoto2X. I plan to write a quick tutorial how to make bones in Metaseq and animate them in Mikoto but right now I have no time.

Next week, me and my wife will fly back to Indonesia (finally after 2 years 🙂 ) and stay there for one and a half month, so I have to do many stuff before leaving. You know, in Indonesia, we don’t have good and Internet broadband connection 🙁

But if you want tutorials about Mikoto, check this link below. It’s very good, step-by-step tutorial, and complete, but it’s in Japan:

This one is in English, not that complete but good enough to start:

and the translated manual of Mikoto:

There are many things which are not covered by two links above so you have to try Mikoto by yourself. Feel free to contact me if you have trouble. I will help you as best as I could 😉

Chibi Contra Guy Pose
Pose in Mikoto, rendered in Metesequoia


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