Kiyosaki & Trump in one Book!!

Yup, they’re Robert Kiyosaki & Donald Trump and they just published a book “Why We Want You To Be Rich: Two Men One Message”

Why We Want You To Be Rich

Wow! 😯

Haven’t read it yet since I’m still busy making my chibi contra game but I just want to share the excitement when I got the book this morning 🙂 Ordered it from 2 days ago.

I have followed Kiyosaki’s books since the “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, even played his Cashflow 101 board game. His book is one of the business & motivational books which inspires me to be an entrepreneur.

Donald Trump is one of the entrepreneurs whom I admire (second after  Sir Richard Branson 😉 ). I really love his show “The Apprentice”, his business articles, and also his life as a celebrity, full of glamour 😎

So if you’re a fan of “Trump’s The Apprentice” and “Rich Dad” Series, check out this book and buy it 😉 !

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