Compiling Flex 4.5 with FlashDevelop 3.3.4

Flex 4.5 has been released! Yes, the release version ( has been available since several days ago, so go download it now 😉

I was happy when I got this SDK. Finally, I can replace all those old MX components with new shiny Spark ones. But when I tried to compile, I got this error:

Error: unable to open ‘libs/player/10.1/playerglobal.swc’

Apparently, Flex 4.5 SDK need to be targeted to Flash Player 10.2. No problem, I’ll change on my project settings.

Select Flash Player 10.2... Wait, what?

This is a problem if you’re using FlashDevelop 3.3.4. There is no Fash Player 10.2 on Platform Target. But don’t panic! This can be easily handled by adding 2 additional compiler parameters:



You can add them on Project > Properties, specifically on tab Compiler Options. Add those parameters on Additional Compiler Options:

Don’t forget to click OK and Apply. Now, compiling your project using Flex 4.5 should not be a problem anymore.


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