It’s been a year since my last post and many things happen in between. Moved job to eBay, did a talk about my startup twindly at Berlin Google DevFest 2014, and finished last position (for my age group) at Berlin half marathon 2015 😀

It’s quite hard to find time for your hobby when you have 2 jobs. I only played a few games last year but rarely have time to sketch.

Then last March, my wife joined #the100dayproject. The idea of the project is you can do whatever you want for 100 days and publish it on Instagram every day. I said to myself, why not? I could use this opportunity to do my daily sketch.

What should I sketch, monsters? crazy characters? or game design? I haven’t sketch for long time so it must be hard to come up with new idea everyday. I should start with something that I’m familiar with.

I check my Instagram and I have a lots of food pictures. Yes, I’m that guy who always take food picture before you eat it 🙂 Sketching food seems like a good idea!

So I decided to post my daily food sketches to my Instagram with hashtag #100daysoffoodsketch

It took more than a week for me to feel comfortable sketching, to feel that I still can sketching. I normally took a photo with my phone and sketch the food later, you don’t want your food to be cold. I sketch them at home, usually before work in the morning, or sometimes late in the evening. It took me 10-15mins to finish one.

The first 1.5 month was great but after that it got harder. Busy at work, no time or energy after work, and sometimes I missed 2 or 3 days. There are days where I just want to quit. Sometimes I just didn’t want to sketch, or disappointed about my skill didn’t get any better.

But I kept continue sketching & posted them anyway. That’s the idea of this program, to train you to persist & to deliver, in good times or bad times.

I was lucky that I met Elle Luna, the founder of this 100 project movement. She was giving an awesome talk about the project at Soundcloud. I told her about my daily sketch and she was very happy about it. She even made a doodle on my sketch 🙂

Finally I made it! It took me more than 100 days to finish this project but that’s OK! I’m proud & glad that I can still sketch 🙂

Check out the sketches on my Instagram account! I hope I can start sketching more stuff soon!

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