Milk Carton Boy

Meet my new game character:

Milk Carton Boy

Milk Carton Boy

The sketch was done in 20 minutes using Art Rage 2.6, but actually I’ve been working on it for almost 6 months. Most of the time, I was doing the game engine using Away3D. The game will be a Flash game featuring 3D character.

Originally, the game was made for desktop browser, but 2 months ago, I decided to join Adobe Flash Game competition on Kongregate and Mochi Media. I made another game specially for this competition, using the same game engine and game character that I’ve been working on.

There are things have to be re-code, the asset have to be resized, and the interface has to be changed to fit with mobile screen and for touch input.

I don’t have any Android device to test with and I still have 1 more week to polish the game.

Stay tune for more info about Milk carton boy 😉

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