Sketches & Recap from 2013

I thought I didn’t sketch that much last year. Then I realized that I managed to fill up my small Moleskine sketchbook which I’ve started to sketch on since 2010. It was 50% empty in the beginning of 2013 & filled up last November.

My idea of sketching is not to make (great) art but just because I love to do it. It’s kinda meditative & nice way to catch a moment or thing. So I decided to share few of them along with my 2013 recaps 😉

Game Jams

I started to do game jam. I joined #1GAM which is to make 1 game for every month. It didn’t work for me, only managed to submit 2 games. I made some demos on my GitHub and tutorials for my CreateJS presentation but they’re not considered as a full playable game 😉 At least I managed to do a 8-hour game jam last July at Berlin Mini Game Jam.

Vacation in Indonesia

On March, we had 3-weeks vacation at my home country. We went to Bangka Island. The beaches were so beautiful and the seafood were so great. I didn’t sketch that much, too busy enjoying life 🙂

Meetups. Lots of them

This year we attended lots of meetups/workshops, mostly about tech & startups. It’s really hot things in Berlin. Since mid of this year, we’re starting our startup (mostly my wife, I’m just helping her a little bit) so we need to do a lot of learning & networking. Continue reading

Feeling Sick Stay Home

Today I feel sick. Probably because of the cold weather. Actually, it’s not that cold, only 0 degree Celcius, but I just got back from my 1 month xmas/New Year vacation at home (Indonesia). My body is not used to cold weather anymore 😀

So here I am, resting at home. Here’s a sketch of my wife playing games on her iPhone.

Milk Carton Boy

Meet my new game character:

Milk Carton Boy

Milk Carton Boy

The sketch was done in 20 minutes using Art Rage 2.6, but actually I’ve been working on it for almost 6 months. Most of the time, I was doing the game engine using Away3D. The game will be a Flash game featuring 3D character.

Originally, the game was made for desktop browser, but 2 months ago, I decided to join Adobe Flash Game competition on Kongregate and Mochi Media. I made another game specially for this competition, using the same game engine and game character that I’ve been working on.

There are things have to be re-code, the asset have to be resized, and the interface has to be changed to fit with mobile screen and for touch input.

I don’t have any Android device to test with and I still have 1 more week to polish the game.

Stay tune for more info about Milk carton boy 😉

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HP TM2 and Palm Rest while Sketching

When I sketch, I tend to rest my palm on the surface, either it’s paper, sketchbook, or my HP TM2.

I read that it’s a problem on iPad. You can’t rest you palm on the screen since it will detect you palm as input and you’ll get unwanted line or gestures. There are some techniques to deal with this problem such as putting a thin foam under your palm or wearing a fingerless glove.

Luckily, the good thing about HP TM2 that it has palm detection or rejection. You can rest you palm on the screen while using the pen. TM2 is smart enough to turn off the touch sensor if you use pen.

I really love this device. Combine with Logitech Notebook Riser and …. voila!! Feels like working on Wacom Cintiq 😀

HP TM2 sketching

Of course, the pen only supports 256 pressure sensitive, no tilt sensor, and the screen is not that sharp compare to iPad, but hey, it’s affordable and you get a fully-working mobile computer 😉 If you really want to do sketching professionally, maybe it’s better to buy Wacom Cintiq anyway (my dream device… drooling…)

Note: There is a software solution on Ipad (