Technical Book Review

Last July & August, I was working part time as a technical reviewer for Packt Pub. The book was published on mid of October & PacktPub sent 1 hard copy to me.

Finally on last Friday, the book was here!


Oh, man! I haven’t read any (technical) book on real paper for a while. I didn’t miss at all the big & thick paper books 😀

Back then on June, a guy from Packt Pub e-mailed me. He found me through my Blog & asked me if I want to write a book about Starling Game Development. I was focusing on HTML5 development & busy with my work so I turned down the offer. A couple of weeks later, a different guy from PacktPub came back with another offer to do technical review on  “Learning Three.JS: The JavaScript 3D Library for WebGL” book. I thought it won’t be that time-consuming (no need to do spellcheck, just focus on the codes and technical content) and I would get free e-books from them, so I said yes!

I was wrong.

It consumed more time than I thought. Originally, my plan was to spend max 2 hours on a chapter (not 2 hours straight but spread over 4-5 days) but in reality, I had to spend a little bit more than that, depending on the topic & number of pages. Fortunately, the guys from PacktPub are pretty cooperative & I could negotiate the deadlines.

They send me 1 chapter every week via e-mail. By the end of August, I managed to reviewed all 12 chapters. In the end, I got 1 free e-book (I picked a book about AngularJS), 1 hard-copy of the book that I reviewed, and learn a lot of things that I didn’t know before about Three.js.

Was it worth the effort? Yes. In fact, I got another offer from them to write a book about CreateJS (which I had to turn down since I’m starting my new startup). Will I do it again? Probably not at the moment 🙂

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