Presentation at HTML5 Meetup

Last week, I did a presentation at HTML5 Meetup Berlin.

I love to come to tech, development, or start-up Meetups (there’s a lot of them in Berlin!) to see what other people’s doing, get inspired, and also to meet new people. But to give a talk is totally different experience and I found it quite fun to do 🙂

Talk at HTML5 Meetup

A month before that, Rachel, friend of mine and also one of the HTML5 Meetup organizers, asked me if I wanted to give a talk at the next event. I haven’t done any presentation for a long time but I just said yes. I suggested 2 game development topics: Ash Framework, or starting game development using CreateJS. In the end, we agreed with the 2nd one with additional live coding to make it more interesting.

Fast forward to the event, I finally did it!

The talk started with 5-minute introduction to CreateJS and how it can be used for game development. After that, I did a 30-minutes live coding a simple arkanoid game. Well, it’s not really a live coding from scratch since I prepared 7 parts of the codes 😀

It was a success. I was nervous actually but a lot of people like the presentation and I got good feedbacks. Here’s the video of the talk.

You can also see the slide online at

For the game demo you can browse at I split the game demo into 7 steps:

  1. step00-preparation: The base JavaScript code and HTML
  2. step01-bouncingBall: Initial CreateJS, simple bouncing circle shape, and animation
  3. step02-helloHero: Simple rectangle shape, handle keyboard input, and movement control.
  4. step03-sprites: Load sprites for background, ball, and sprite sheet for hero’s animation.
  5. step04-collisions: Simple collision detection between the ball and the hero
  6. step05-buildings: Use sprite sheet to generate buildings. Also randomize the buildings.
  7. step06-preload: Preloading all assets before the game starts.
  8. step07-sounds: Preloading sounds assets and play sound effects.

All source codes, including the slide, are available at my GitHub. Feel free to fork and do whatever with it 😉

2 thoughts on “Presentation at HTML5 Meetup

  1. Bookmarked! I just started to investigate CreateJs. And it’s quite exciting, that my AS3 skils could be really helpful in Javascript coding. Thank you for that post and links, Abiyasa.

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