Getting Root User from Dockerized OrientDB

As me & my wife are bootstrapping our own start-up, there are many things we have to do by our own. One of them is devops, which I’m currently still have many things to learn. A friend of mine introduced me to Docker half a year ago and I find the idea is quite interesting. I decided to give it a try and tried to setup a Dockerized OrientDB on Google Compute Engine (GCE).

I setup a GCE instance using an instruction from Google Documentation on Container. Then I use OrientDB image from Joao P Dubas. I managed to run the container but I didn’t know how to get the OrientDB root password 😕

When you run OrientDB for the first time, it will generate a root user with long & random password in its config file. I need to access the config file inside the container but I didn’t know how.

I started to Google around and found a Stack Overflow post on how to run shell or do SSH into a running container. I found a very interesting post about NOT to do SSH into container but use Docker volume instead. I decided to try to use volume.

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